Rey's Charatcer Sheet.

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Rey's Charatcer Sheet.

Post by Mirtis/Tyrese on Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:48 pm

Name: Rey
Rank: Acolyte
Health Points: 8

Lightsaber Forms: 1
1) Shi-Cho - +30 Attack to my Roll ever 3 turns.

Specializations points: 10 (Acolyte)
Immortality - 5 points
Dissonance - 5 points

Character description:
Rey was born on an Unknown Planet on the Outer rim on the year 3658. Her world was Jungle like and was born into a tribe. After 5 years of being looked after by her tribe, she was taken by a strange man. He trained her in basic survival abilities to help her in future events.

At eleven years old, she disbanded from this man, knowing hardly anything of her previous tribe. Not long after, she was found by a warrior in white armour and taken to the In-construction of the Eternal Fleet. There, she found out of her ability of the force and began to train lightly as she progressed into being a Skytrooper of Zakuul.

After committing treason to the Zakuul by feeding a client on Zakuul of future plans, she was exiled to the frozen planet of Hoth. At the age of 17, she was found by a Sith and took to the Korriban Academy. From there on, her destiny begins....


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