Character sheet instruction

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Character sheet instruction

Post by Zayel on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:56 am

Our guild uses a simple ability system to help you customize your character's abilities and to enable fair play in the event of PvP.
Every member of the guild who attends events must have a character sheet. It must be easy to read and it must be posted here.

Here's how it works: You look at this(click me)thread and you decide which specializations you like. You put your granted points into whichever specialization you want. If you have five points in any specialization you can use it's TIER 1 abilities. If you have fifteen points in it you can use it's TIER 2 abilities. If you have 25 points in it you can use the TIER 3 abilities.

Acolytes get 10 points to distribute.
Apprentices get 15 points to distribute.
Sith get 20 points to distribute.
Lords get 25 points to distribute.

However many points you decide to put in a specialization are then added for each and every roll you perform during in game events. If you have 25 points in Lightning and you decide to use Force shock you will roll your 100 and you will add 25 to that roll to form your total score.
The set of health points everyone has is also set.
Acolytes get 8 hp. Apprentices get 10. Sith get 14. Lords get 18.


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